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2013-09-29 05:47 pm

Application Request Poly-chromatic - Final

Hi there! We would like to request an additional third person log sample. While you do provide us with a portrayal of what Dean would be like upon his arrival directly from canon, we would like to see into his head. What makes him tick? Who does he value in his life as a hunter? What motivates him and frustrates him? These prompts are not mandatory but to aid in ways to show more of how Dean operates inside his own mind.

Feel free to reply here within seventy-two hours of this request. Also, kindly reply to the main entry with a link to your addendum, so we don't somehow miss it. If there are extenuating circumstances that prevent you from complying with this time limit, please feel free to contact us and we will take it into consideration.

Here you go! )
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2013-09-23 10:45 pm
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This is the post for any constructive criticism you may have regarding my portrayal of Dean Winchester.

Step right up, don't be shy. He's a new voice for me, so feedback to make him better is welcome.




Above my [profile] mudbloodincendio on tumblr.
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2013-09-23 10:41 pm
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"Hi, you've reached Dean. Carry on."

[Contact for Mun or Muse, Tag for Threads, Whatever. You know the drill.]


Above by [profile] castielstiel on tumblr.